🤑xHAKU Fee Sharing

xHAKU is the high yield fee share feature of HakuSwap.

When you stake your HAKU into xHAKU and then into a pool listed, you are earning a sum of the APRs!

Each swap is charged a fee of 0.2%. 25% of every swap fee is used to buy back HAKU and is sent to the xHAKU contract.

There is a 30 day fee period to move from xHAKU back to HAKU. If you unstake xHAKU to HAKU within 30 days a 4% fee will be assessed. 2% of the fee is burned and 2% is redistributed to HAKU stakers as an incentive and gift for long term xHAKU stakers.

The ratio of HAKU:xHAKU will always be increasing as more and more HAKU is bought from the market and is transfered to xHAKU holders.


What do I receive when I stake HAKU in the xHAKU pool? You will receive xHAKU token which represents your share of the pool. The number of your xHAKU tokens won't go up, however the value of each xHAKU will go up infinitely because of the trading fees buying back HAKU, which is then sent to the pool.

You can now also stake xHAKU to earn tokens from other protocols on the Staking page. (Coming Soon)

See a list of pools that you can stake into here under the Staking Page

Where do these fees come from? The trade fee is 0.2% and 0.1% goes to liquidity providers. 0.05% of the swap fee is used to fund xHAKU with buy-backs.

The xHAKU:HAKU ratio hasn't changed since I checked, what's going on? Please refresh to see the most updated ratio. You can also manually check the ratio by dividing the number of Haku in the xHAKU contract against the total number of xHAKU here: xHAKU Contract What can I do with xHAKU? Does it work with other protocols? You can trade, vote with, make LP, stake and use xHAKU just as you would use HAKU. xHAKU works on other protocols are well. There won't be an official trading pool, but anyone is welcome to make one. However, your xHAKU is required to unstake your HAKU so its best to hold on to it unless you know what you are doing!

When your xHAKUs are staked at the pools, they still continue to earn APR from the HAKU pool. What does the APR for the xHAKU pool depend on? Because the value of xHAKU accrues over trade fees, the APR of the pool will largely depend on the trading volume for that day. To give an approximate APR, we are displaying the average over the last 7 days.

What if I lose my xHAKU? xHAKU is required to redeem your HAKU so be careful with it!

How long until I can withdraw my xHAKU back to HAKU?

You can withdraw your xHAKU back to HAKU at any time. However, to reward long-term xHAKU stakers a 4% fee is charged if the xHAKU is unstaked to HAKU within 30 days. 2% of the fee is burned forever and 2% is redistributed back to the xHAKU pool. This means xHAKU holders will earn every time a user unstakes before their 30 days is up! Any subsequent deposits will reset the fee countdown timer.

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